Bionic Team

Welcome to Human Upgrade, we are a new bionic company. Aiming to develop the most technological and stylish prosthetics at the most affordable price. Founded in 2017 by Peter Simmes, Human Upgrade has come a long way from its beginnigs in Chicago. When Peter first started as a engineer graduated in Robotics and Medical Biotechnology at the Hamilton State University of Technology...


Lightweight material-reliable battery all day fuctional


- Only 1 kg of weight - Robust and fexible

- Laser sintered using tought Nylon 12

- Strong, able to pft up 9 kg - Built with titaniumalloy

Intuitive, effortless and precise

The special sensors detect muscle movements, so you can control your bionic arm or leg with intuitive life-like precision. The Computer inside prosthetic limb provide you with beeper, buttons and lights, for a better use.


The best of technology and style, affordable and engineered only for you.


We take a 3D scan of your limb so your prosthetic is unique, just like you. With magnetic swappable covers,you can personalize the style to match your mood. The Dragon software created in cooperation with the Hamilton University of Technology and winner of the 2018 Innovation Award at the 6th annual Hanger Partner Awards, provides you with the most advanced bionic prosthetic in the world. Our arm have 6 easy-to-select grips giving great user control and with the Stasis mode, the hand can be held in a static potition for no fuss,reliable grip.Affordable pricing-our limbs are less than half the price of the nearest competitor. All styles created with the legendary softwarehouse Rogue Games Studios are based on their goty 2019 Unreiable Mankind videogame.