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Department Web & Media Scuola Mohole

from april 9th to 14th

six different apps and a common thread - digital and technology studio in Milan - held a course on the Internet of Thing and creative coding with the second year students of the Web and Digital Media course of the Mohole school. During the lessons, the students approached the connection protocol to IoT objects, the Natural Language Processing and the API integration, in order to realize six different projects, to be expanded creatively in a direction they identified, to obtain interactive applications, unique and personal.


Anastasia Gorrino
Caterina Ianeselli
Angelica Riggio

Are you still waiting for the famous admission letter for Hogwarts? Would you like to know in which house you would be sorted or in which Common Room you will spend your next Christmas? This is your chance! The Sorting Hat is an application that will allow you to enter the fantastic world of Hogwarts. Are you ready to start? Pick up your ticket for the 9 3/4 platform and get ready to meet the famous Talking Hat in the Great Hall. Read well what he will write to you and answer his questions carefully! Hey, what's that colored light? Will it be a clue? LED's Magic!



Andrea Besana
Fabio Pergami Feroldi

You're at home and you don't know how to prepare yourself a "Sbagliato" because you ignore the ingredients? Drink Assistant is a (ro)bot with an interface similar to Telegram and other messaging platforms, able to suggest the ingredients of a drink of your choice. Enter the name of the cocktail and Drink Assistant will answer you with the list and percentages of alcohol and soft drinks in the drink, illuminating the bulb with the final color of the drink and making the experience more interactive.


Gabriele Gussoni
Luca Zuffada

How many colors do you really know? Lightquiz is a mini-game of multiple choice questions. Choose, from the four RGB or Hexadecimal values ​​proposed by the application, the correct one, which corresponds to the real color of the bulb. The game is structured in four different levels: Ten Questions, Infinity, Until You Fail, In Time. Read the instructions, select mode and difficulty, click START and have fun!



Nicolò Lombardi
Umberto Tonella

Memorize the succession of colors that the bulb will show you. Repeat the exact sequence on the screen of your display and get ready to climb the ten levels of the game. Light Off! it will be a real challenge: the number of colors will increase, while the seconds at your disposal to guess will decrease.
Test your memory but be careful: the more you go on the more difficult the game!



Omar Entrade
Marco Ontino

With the use of a smart light bulb and your own device, with IOTUBE understanding which subway to take to reach the desired destination, it will definitely be more "light"! By entering your position and that of the place where you want to go, the light bulb will light up with the color of the corresponding underground line. Should a change be made, the colors of the various lines (red, green, yellow, lilac) will alternate in the right sequence. Have a good trip!


Andrea Frittoli
David Pareti

Crazy Piano is a virtual piano that combines colors and sounds. Click any button and the bulb will change color based on the note, creating a real rainbow of sounds. Choose the mode you prefer: Piano or Hard Rock Guitar, whose sounds were sampled by us using real musical instruments, or risk with Crazy, to listen to definitely ambiguous notes and sounds of various kinds... We strongly advise against pressing the black keys: things could happen that we humans can't imagine!


Who have made possible LED PARTY:

aka Federico Cattaneo and Alessandro Picci. is a digital and technological studio in Milan. We help people connect with each other and prosper by creating digital products and services tailored to them. We design and develop solutions tailored to the customer and need.

Manlio Tenaglia

I work for Olivetti and I follow marketing projects for the development of the so-called Smart Cities, which seem like dreams but really exist and come from a mix of electronics, IT, telecommunications and graphic design. Here at Mohole, I am a consultant, web teacher UI / UX and curator of the Internet Of Things Workshop.

Last but not least

Camillo Frigeni
Francesco Riggio
Francesca Del Carro

Coordination, supervision, content management.

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